…a dermatologist who is a specialist with advanced training in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hair loss.

Throughout history a woman’s hair has been considered her crowning glory. In the case of Queen Elizabeth the First of England, depicted in this 1588 painting, her lavish attire included considerable attention to covering her balding pate. She wore elaborate wigs to distract attention from her receding hairline.


Today long, lustrous locks are more popular than ever. So when a woman starts to lose her hair, it is often a traumatic and unexpected development. Happily today we know the causes of hair loss and can treat the condition.

Early treatment brings the best results. And while you might be inclined to seek over the counter treatments that make extravagant claims, it is best to rely on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications.

Given all the causes of hair loss and the fast pace of advances in medical science, the best first step in treating hair loss is to get a correct diagnosis. Visit the American Academy of Dermatology website or contact Dr. Maral Skelsey’s office for more information: 301.652.8081 or
Courtesy of the American Academy of Dermatology