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Skin Rejuvenation and Skin Care Prevention

Fractional Resurfacing

Using the state-of-the-art Fraxel ® laser, tiny areas of skin are microscopically targeted to rejuvenate your natural collagen and reduce wrinkles and improve the appearance of acne scars, age spots and melasma.

Intense Pulsed Light Photo Rejuvenation Therapy (IPL)

This minimally invasive procedure results in healthier, younger-looking skin. Discoloration from rosacea, freckles, age spots, and sun damage can be dramatically improved. IPL can be performed on face, neck, chest and hands where sun damage is often most obvious. Quick recovery time.

Chemical Peels

Three levels of exfoliation that improve facial appearance and condition by removing damaged tissue. Peels are suitable for all skin types. The mildest peel improves pigment irregularities, acne and uneven skin tone and texture The medium depth peel helps to even skin tone as well as fine lines, and some superficial precancerous lesions known as actinic keratoses. The most intense peels can also help to reduce scarring from acne as well as wrinkles.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

PDT can clear the skin of premalignant growths known as actinic keratoses, which occur mainly on the face, chest, arms and hands. It is also effective at improving moderate to severe acne. PDT can also effectively treat hidradenitis suppurativa, Bowen’s disease and superficial basal cell carcinoma.

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