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Patient Forms for First Visit

The following forms will be needed for your first office visit. To save time at check in you can print them out here, fill them in and bring them with you.

Patient Contact and Insurance Form
Financial Policy
Medical History
Skin Cancer History
Health Information Consent

We require all new patients to provide a valid drivers license with a current address and updated insurance card. You must show proof of address with a license or a utility bill etc.

“I have had three surgical procedures performed by Dr. Skelsey, fortunately none of them major or serious, but in two cases involving squamous cell cancer on the face. Since this is obviously a sensitive area I have nothing but praise for Dr. Skelsey’s considerable skill. One scar, on the cheek, has virtually disappeared, and another, in a difficult spot on the bridge of the nose, is fast fading. Dr. Skelsey herself has a soothing, encouraging manner, and all of her colleagues and staff with whom I had contact have been unfailingly pleasant and helpful. This office is an oasis of courtesy and kindness in a sometimes abrasive medical world.”

Sheilah Bason


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