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Mohs micrographic surgery Post Op

Once the tumor has been successfully removed, the next and equally important goal of Mohs surgery is the restoration of the patient to their natural appearance.

Dr. Skelsey is specially trained in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures that make this possible. The initial reconstruction may take the form of a side to side closure, a skin flap or a skin graft. Most reconstructive procedures are performed on the same day. Following reconstruction Dr. Skelsey will utilize the most up-to-date modalities to help reduce the scar and accelerate wound healing.

The patient will leave the surgical suite with a pressure bandage and written instructions for wound care.

Healing post surgery

During the healing process, the patient may experience one or more of the following:


Typically the local anesthesia administered prior to surgery will wear off after 2 to 3 hours. Tylenol is usually adequate to control any subsequent discomfort. Under certain conditions a stronger pain medication will be prescribed.


Occasionally post operative bleeding occurs. Applying a pressure bandage to the wound for 20 minutes should stop the bleeding. If the bleeding continues, soaks through the pressure bandage, or if you experience extreme pain or sudden swelling, you should call: 301-652-8081. After hours: 240-638-9767.


Bruising around the surgical site is common. Some swelling may occur in the first few days following surgery and is most noticeable on the morning after surgery but should become less noticeable in two to four days.

Wound care

Wounds left open to heal and those sutured closed will normally drain during the first week following surgery. It is very important to keep the wound clean and to follow the written instructions provided at the time of surgery.

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