“Dr. Maral Skelsey, is an outstanding surgeon she is very thorough and skilled, making certain the diagnosis is correct and follow-up surgery is complete and the results are final regarding cancer. Dr. Maral Skelsey, is thorough and detailed in her explanation making me feel confident in what is being done. Her bedside manner is fantastic.”
John Mahoney

“Dr Skelsey, and her staff have worked to prevent my skin cancer from spreading any further than it was when I first met her. I had a pancreas transplant at the Cleveland Clinic so I require immunosuppression medication which coupled with my frequent sunburns from a lifetime in the sun has caused a lot of skin cancer since my body can’t fight it. I have been followed by doctors at both at the Clinic and Johns Hopkins. Dr Skelsey is as good as any doctors I’ve been with at some of the top Hospitals in the world. She and her entire staff are great at getting me in when I need to and out as fast as possible. Mohs surgery is an operation that can stop skin cancer from progressing and with me that’s been pretty often. The entire office is a group I look forward to seeing and that says a lot when you are going in for surgery. I’ve had more skin cancer than most people and I would recommend Dr Skelsey and her entire office to any person that needs Mohs surgery.”
Mike Nato

“I have had a truly great patient experience with Dr. Skelsey and her practice. She had performed Mohs surgery on me twice, and every time I come into the office I am treated like I matter to them. All of the staff are warm, kind, and very professional. Procedures are explained clearly, and my questions are always answered completely and with patience. The staff and Dr. Skelsey herself follow up with me after surgery, and I always feel welcome to call if I need to with any questions or concerns. Dr. Skelsey, is clinically superior and going to see her is a pleasant experience.”
Jill Kennedy

“I am a 55 year old male, with fair skin and red hair, and I have been diagnosed with many basal cell carcinomas over the past ten years. Dr. Skelsey and her dedicated team of nurses have removed three carcinomas for me – one from each ear lobe and one from my cheek – through the Mohs process. I have never met a more caring and professional team of providers in my life. Obviously, something we all worry about when we have surgery on our face is our appearance. I am pleased to say that no one has ever noticed either operation on my ear, and the incision on my face is barely noticeable. They are simply the best!”
David H. Baker
President, Law Offices of David H. Baker LLC

“When my family practice physician recommended a dermatological evaluation of suspicious spots on my legs, I had the good fortune of a referral to Dr. Maral Skelsey, who introduced me to Mohs Micrographic Surgery for basal cell carcinoma. While the prospect of cancer is terrifying, the capable, professional care provided by Dr. Skelsey and her staff was reassuring to me from the start. They regularly examine and treat my sun-damaged skin and, when necessary, use Mohs procedures to remove basal cell carcinoma. My six Mohs surgeries have been highly satisfactory and I fully trust the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington to keep me free of cancer in the future.”
Margaret Vining
Curator, National Museum of American History
Smithsonian Institution

“I had the good fortune of being referred to Dr. Skelsey by my dermatologist. I was most impressed with the quality care I received – starting from the office staff who make patients feel comfortable, relaxed and help us through our anxieties, and continuing through the surgery itself. The medical staff is wonderful. Dr. Skelsey is most competent and instills a sense of confidence and calmness in her patients. This was an entirely new experience for me and I was grateful to have a physician/surgeon who is so knowledgeable, thorough and caring.”
Helen Okunak
CEO, ECHO Associates, Inc.

“Dr. Skelsey, What a skillful surgeon you are! I just showed my jaw for the first time since you performed your magic on it — can’t see a thing. Great job. I’m delighted! Thank you.”
Thomas Arrasmith
Retired Lobbyist for IBM

“Five years ago, when it became clear my skin cancer was serious, I was referred to Dr. Skelsey for surgery. She was incredibly knowledgeable, supremely professional and responded to my concerns about pain, scarring and follow up. She now does full body checks every three months and has since found several more skin cancers at earlier stages which has made subsequent treatment less stressful. She has become my safety net.”
Carol Krause

“I have appreciated the highly competent care I’ve received from Dr. Maral Skelsey and her colleagues, which has ranged from two episodes of Mohs surgery to simple annual checkups. The office atmosphere is friendly, and members of the staff are efficient, professional, and respectful of patients and of each other.”
Lisbeth Schorr

“I have had three surgical procedures performed by Dr. Skelsey, fortunately none of them major or serious, but in two cases involving squamous cell cancer on the face. Since this is obviously a sensitive area I have nothing but praise for Dr. Skelsey’s considerable skill. One scar, on the cheek, has virtually disappeared, and another, in a difficult spot on the bridge of the nose, is fast fading. Dr. Skelsey herself has a soothing, encouraging manner, and all of her colleagues and staff with whom I had contact have been unfailingly pleasant and helpful. This office is an oasis of courtesy and kindness in a sometimes abrasive medical world.”
Sheilah Bason

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