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Staff at Dermatologic Surgery Center

The Dermatologic Surgery Center staff is professionally trained to ensure that your visit is satisfactory and that you are as comfortable as possible. When you check in at the front desk you will be asked to complete a medical history if you have not already done so online. A registered nurse will prepare you for an examination if this is your first visit, or for your surgical procedure.

During your Mohs surgery, the histology technicians working with Dr. Skelsey will freeze and cut the small tissue specimens in the laboratory so that Dr. Skelsey can analyze them under the microscope for the presence of cancerous cells.

A member of our nursing staff will monitor you during and after your procedure. She will answer any questions you may have regarding wound care and follow-up appointments.

Our reception staff is committed to accommodating you from the time you arrive — Just ask! We are all here to help.

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