Skin Cancer Detection

Early detection or Melanoma using FotoFinder Mole Mapping

Our practice is the first and only medical facility in the Washington, DC region to offer FotoFinder. This new technology combines the very best photographic equipment, German robotic engineering and artificial intelligence to dramatically enhance early detection capabilities, particularly for patients with multiple risk factors.

Here’s how FotoFinder works: The computer-controlled camera captures highly detailed photographs of the entire skin surface and merges them into a comprehensive Total Body Map. It then employs artificial intelligence to meticulously compare current skin anomalies to earlier baseline images. If it “sees” new moles, or even minute changes in existing moles, it automatically flags them for detailed follow up by the professional. The process takes 20 minutes.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, FotoFinder may be beneficial for you

  • Do you have a history of melanoma or other skin cancer?
  • Do you have a family history of skin cancer?
  • Do you have many moles – more than 50?
  • Do you have large moles – 2 inches in diameter or larger?
  • Do you see changes in a mole or have new moles?
  • Do you have very light skin?
  • Did you have a severe, blistering sunburn as a child or adolescent?
  • Are you exposed to strong sunlight on a regular basis?

FotoFinder is the most advanced photo mapping tool for early detection of all types of skin cancer. Call the office, 301-652-8081 or click here to set up an appointment for your FotoFinder baseline Total Body Map.


FotoFinder Mole Mapping System

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