mohs surgeon washing dc
mohs surgeon washing dc

board certified Mohs surgeon

mohs surgery washing dc

skin cancer specialist

mohs surgery washing dc

specialized training to
diagnose and treat skin cancer

mohs surgery washing dc

latest dermatologic technology

Welcome to the Mohs surgery practice of Maral Skelsey, MD

Dr. Maral Kibarian Skelsey, a skin cancer expert and board certified dermatologist performs state-of-the-art Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer with meticulous attention to cosmetic outcome. Dr. Skelsey is a fellow of the American College of Mohs Surgery, Founder and Director of the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington and Clinical Associate Professor of Dermatology at Georgetown University.

The Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington specializes in Mohs surgery and dermatologic surgery, as well as cosmetic and rejuvenating skin procedures. Our team of board certified dermatologists and staff are a first-level resource for skin cancer diagnosis and treatment as well as the latest advances in dermatology. We serve the Greater Washington area. Call 301-652-8081 to make an appointment.

What’s new at the Dermatologic Surgery Center of Washington

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